wildlife photographer of the year, 2009

November 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Image1Last month i visited the wildlife photographer of the year 2009 at the Herbert art gallery, which was a four day event. I’m not into wildlife photography very much but i went to look anyway with a open mind and i was surprised at what i found, and ended up looking around for a good 2 and half hours.

The photos were all accompanied by a short story of where the photographer went to capture the image and  the experience while trying to capture the perfect image they wanted, i enjoyed reading some of the extreme stories of dedication it took to get the photo they wanted. One guy i read about spend two week living in a rain forest, spending his day lying on the ground of a hollow tree waiting for the perfect shot of the bats living in side it, I’m pretty sure there’s not many people that could do that!Image2

i loved the fact that most of the photos were not your ordinary sort that you see in nature books but images of animals in there natural habitat in ways that we’ve never seen before, i was taken back by quite a few of the images, it was like seeing something for the first time and a fascination of seeing a animal you thought you knew photographed so differently and some animals I’ve never even seen before.

I’ve very glad i went and it has opened my mind up to wildlife photography, maybe it’s not as dull as i first thought :].



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