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i decided to put a collection together of my work by building a website so people can view and comment on what i’m working on at the time as well as reading my blogs and keeping up to date with my on going projects.

i’ve set up albums of each different project that i’ve done as well as a side bar that shows my most recent blogs and uploads so people can’t easily check out page page and get the the newest stuff quickly!

it still needs some more work on and i have abit more to upload when i get some time.


Paul wright presentation.

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Paul wrights work really experiments with a wide range of colour, colours that maybe you wouldn’t ever thing of using when painting skins but i think the use to colour really captures the tones and lighting of the portraits he paints, as well as his still life paintings, bring the most mundane objects to life!

i was actually surprise to find out that is painting are not actually as big as i though they would be especially for the medium he uses, he said he prefers for work small so that he can really get up close to the object and likes to see it as a problem to solve and works around it.

At the start of his career he was unsure of  what he actually want to do, and started off painting things that surrounded him before moving onto portrait and still life in which he found a talent in, but instead of just sticking to what he is good at, he has now moved on to applying the same skill of using colour to creat depth and tone to landscapes.

Paul wright also expressed the amount of commitment to his work, he thinks of his work more like religion, living and breathing his work, and i think it really does show though in the way he talks about his pieces and every painting as a story or memory behind it and a piece of his life.

i really liked his painting of still life subjects for example the sofa and paint overalls, the way his brings so much life to the object and something that is dead is brought to life and is viewed in a whole new way!


Recent project

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I’m coming to the end of my first main project based on race and culture and how we are now integrating together and the acceptance of different races, by photographing mankins in shops windows of different races modeling clothes to the different isles in supermarkets selling different products for different cultures and also packaging to suit different races, i’ve also been looking at the way i view race, and when i meet someone i don’t tend to notice race first but just see them as any other person, i think this is because i have been involved, around and mixed with different cultures and races and i have become to accept this as normal. I know that some people do not take the same view as me, especially at the moment with the ongoing debates about the BMP, and i feel choosing to base my project around this topic at the time was appropriate. Through all my photos i have used a number of different friends close to me from Jamaican to indian. i also chose to look at how we idolize different races now, from singers to models to actors of all different races, it seems that race doesn’t seems to come into the equation any more over whether or not we like them but we simply idolize them for there talents and i think thats the way it should be.

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