Recent project

December 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m coming to the end of my first main project based on race and culture and how we are now integrating together and the acceptance of different races, by photographing mankins in shops windows of different races modeling clothes to the different isles in supermarkets selling different products for different cultures and also packaging to suit different races, i’ve also been looking at the way i view race, and when i meet someone i don’t tend to notice race first but just see them as any other person, i think this is because i have been involved, around and mixed with different cultures and races and i have become to accept this as normal. I know that some people do not take the same view as me, especially at the moment with the ongoing debates about the BMP, and i feel choosing to base my project around this topic at the time was appropriate. Through all my photos i have used a number of different friends close to me from Jamaican to indian. i also chose to look at how we idolize different races now, from singers to models to actors of all different races, it seems that race doesn’t seems to come into the equation any more over whether or not we like them but we simply idolize them for there talents and i think thats the way it should be.

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