Homage To a Precious Object

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A while ago i was asked to produce a photos of something that to me was precious and take the photo in a way that when others view it they can also see and feel that the object is of value and precious, so this is what i came up with:

To me these cameras and photos are precious to me because they belonged to my granddad and when he died they were passed down to me, and the photos of him hold lots of nice memory’s for me when i was younger, i decided to frame all of these pieces in a old suitcase because i think suitcases in themselves represent safety and can hold lots off different valuables and so to a wide audience a suitcase is seen as a object to hold valuable things, and the way i’ve laided out the cameras with a mixture of the photos creates the link between the meaning and the cameras and so anyone could create this link of something to do with emotion connections, so i think i achieved this project well.


Ryan McGinley

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Ryan McGinley has recently draw my interest to his project “i know where the summer goes” images of young teens taking a summer trip, playing freely and enjoying themselves sometimes dressed but mostly nude in rural locations maybe expressing that there is no barriers a feeling that the world is theres, his photos really capture the beauty and freedom of being a teenager with no worries or fear, and i think he achieves it so well and shows the liberation and energy with his photos that capture the very essence in time which we can all relate too.

while you may compare his photos to Nan Goldin and Larry clark for the exposure of teenage lifestyles with nude teenagers, drugs and sex i think Ryan McGinely bring sutleness to the life styles, he also produced a book called “the kids are alright” which he was influenced by larry clark while hangout at a skatepark , so you can see why there works are very similar with different ideas of showing and exposing the teenage world, but i think it’s easier to warm to Ryans work with the friendships shown in the images and the exciting adventures they have while larry clarks work it’s a lot harsher and shows a darker side to it all.

Also if you are a music fan sigur ros used one of Ryan MCGinleys photos for the cover of there 5th album, the video for the first track from the album “Gobbledigook” was inspired by his work.

You have to be able to observe life as if you were a camera all the time, constantly looking at light and the way that things are placed and the way people hold themselves. You need the ability to see something in someone or something that no one else really sees and be able to bring that to light. Basically, you have to be an obsessive crazy person.

— Ryan McGinley

The on going fashion photography debate

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Photography is one of the most powerful tools used in the commercial industrial, they sell us images of object, ideas and life styles but is this tool being taken advantage of?

The effect of the photos that the industry are putting out there are normally models and famous idols of women, and if a everyday women, especially teens look up to a idol they will aspire to be just like them, so when they see them in photo advertisements looking airbrushed and stick thin, it then triggers something and makes women think they have to be like that and they have to be thin to be successful, when really that famous idol in reality  isn’t that thin but technology and Photoshop has been used to make them appear thinner that they actually are because the companies know that this will sell, and this is an example of what I mean when I say I think the industry uses women’s insecurities to sell there product, and maybe if they didn’t product Photoshopped photos in the first place to advertise different products then women wouldn’t even have so many insecurities that many everyday women these days do. While in my own photography work I do edit my photos and play around and alter the images I feel I do this for a different reason and that I use Photoshop to perfect my images and to correct anything in the photo that I feel is not right, where as the industry changes the photo to sell a product.

The public have also now been made more aware of what industries now do to photos to make them looks more desirable and how they change the photo, and we have also seen a number of TV showing the outcomes of what these adverts and photography do to women, for example Gok Wans “how to look good naked” that showcases a number of women that feel that because they don’t look like the photographs that they see and don’t feel good about them selves. An other TV show that exposes the reality that the photoshopped photos have on the public is “natural beauty queen” using women that are hooked on the industries photo and try to look like the airbrushed and touched up models and they are then forced to go back to natural and are stripped of all products many of the women can’t stand to look at them selves in the mirror and find it hard to step out in public and tell other women to go natural because of the pressure, I believe that the air brushed and touch up photos are to partly blame in this and it shows us that these photos that are published do have a negative and harmful effect on some women that do become under pressure to match up to the impossible perfection in photos that we see everyday day.


These photos are by Ivonne thein, she took these photos of normal models and then using Photoshop made them look alarmingly skinny to show how miss used photo shop can be!

trip to whitby

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during the holidays i took a trip to Whitby and went to visit Whitby castle where apparently “Dracula’s bones lie” had a look around the graveyard for them but unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen but while i was there i could help but take photos of the hundreds of graves stones all  sand blasted by the sea and worn down leaving the stone with the most fascinating textures with most sometimes all the writing gone from the graves stone, which i think gives the graveyard and castle it’s spooky atmosphere. Here are a few images i took;

winter wonderland

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most of the christmas holidays have been snow filled so i decided to brave the cold and take some pictures, but as predicted most of the photos of snow are dull and boring and once you’ve seen one snow-covered tree you’ve seen the lot so i decided to experiment with the texture of the snow and creating more unusual images.

Here one of my favorites ;

i love the way you have to look at this photo for a while to understand it and i also like the contract with the snowy background i think it works perfectly in the image. The photo was of my cousin hanging upside down on a swing but after cropping and flipping i think it creates a more interesting image. i also cropped of her facial expression because i feel the photo works well without it and having the smiling face would lessen to the image.

The Sartorialist

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while browsing a stumbled upon a very popular blog called The Sartorialist by scott schuman, he started the blog after working many years in the fashion industry he decided to start taking daily photos of fashionable people around new york city, incorporating designer labels into the daily working lives.

For anyone interested in fashion photography this is defiantly worth looking at, i love the different styles of photographing the people he see’s on the street to fit with the look that the individuals are trying to carry off, its a very different and i think branching idea for fashion photography and i would love to maybe do something similar to this in the future.


Race photography project

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when starting my project i decided i want to look at race and different cultures living in England and how i perceive it, as
i have grown up always being around different races and cultures i have never really looked at people of different races ever
being different.

when i meet someone for the first time i notice there name and who they are but there race doesn’t stand out to me because
i am so used to it doesn’t phase me. In this project i wanted to show the mix of cultures and the way they have blended together. i also thought my project was very appropreate at this time while the debate about the British National Party is in the media and there is raised awareness of different race’s living in England.

while doing my project i found that opinons are still very mixed around different races living in england, and it’s also still a very sensative subject. I feel that my final images that have come from this project do show a changing world and slowly the old fashioned ideas of a one race country are dying out.

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