Ryan McGinley

January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ryan McGinley has recently draw my interest to his project “i know where the summer goes” images of young teens taking a summer trip, playing freely and enjoying themselves sometimes dressed but mostly nude in rural locations maybe expressing that there is no barriers a feeling that the world is theres, his photos really capture the beauty and freedom of being a teenager with no worries or fear, and i think he achieves it so well and shows the liberation and energy with his photos that capture the very essence in time which we can all relate too.

while you may compare his photos to Nan Goldin and Larry clark for the exposure of teenage lifestyles with nude teenagers, drugs and sex i think Ryan McGinely bring sutleness to the life styles, he also produced a book called “the kids are alright” which he was influenced by larry clark while hangout at a skatepark , so you can see why there works are very similar with different ideas of showing and exposing the teenage world, but i think it’s easier to warm to Ryans work with the friendships shown in the images and the exciting adventures they have while larry clarks work it’s a lot harsher and shows a darker side to it all.

Also if you are a music fan sigur ros used one of Ryan MCGinleys photos for the cover of there 5th album, the video for the first track from the album “Gobbledigook” was inspired by his work.

You have to be able to observe life as if you were a camera all the time, constantly looking at light and the way that things are placed and the way people hold themselves. You need the ability to see something in someone or something that no one else really sees and be able to bring that to light. Basically, you have to be an obsessive crazy person.

— Ryan McGinley


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