Mental Health

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i was asked to create a post about something i thought was underrepresented in the media that should prehaps be brought to light. 1 in ever 10 people are effected by some sort of mental illness at some point, this is actually quite a high figure but still you hardly see anything in the media about this. I find when speaking about mental health people tend to shy away from it or feel uncomfortable with talking about it, and i believe this is from a lack of media coverage on the subject and people then not knowing how to deal with the issue.

i think if there was more coverage in the media around metal health then maybe more would finally get done about people suffering and also people suffering with a metal disorder would also feel more able to discuss their problems rather than be outcast by the public. I also found that alot of people are misinformed about different mental health disorders and because of this have built up miss informed conceptions of the people who suffer.

Last year the media did alot of coverage around the mental health disorder Anorexia nervosa (AN) but i feel this was only because the effects of this mental health issue can be physical and there are a wide range of other mental disorders just as serious except they don’t show any symptoms so they go reported.

Also a other area of underrepresented mental health is the mental health problems the solders coming back from Iraq war suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)and goes unreported and because it goes unreported there is nowhere never the amount of support needed causing suffers to live in silence. Even trying t research into this i find there isn’t alot of coverage and mainly medical health evaluations instead.

i agree with the last link above also when mental health issues are raised in the media then tend to be exaggerated and link to violence within the news suggesting people with mental health issues to be dangerous and a threat and, so the media end up pushing the truth further away and i don’t agree with this because how is anything ever going to improve by isolating big unreported issues.


re: note to self

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I am now coming to the end of my first year of my BA photography course and I feel over the course of the year there are things that I have achieved and also things that maybe I haven’t yet succeeded in. When starting the course I put together a piece of writing explaining what I hope to achieve by the end of the year and now I’m going to reflect upon that.

One of the main things I wanted to achieve this year was to learn how to use a studio space and get to grips with all the equipment, since I’d never used a studio before and hadn’t explored this area of photography I was unsure if I would enjoy it and maybe expand on my work in a new direction. Since then I have learnt how to set up a studio space and how everything works, what to do and what to not do, and also how to achieve desired lighting effect. I haven’t yet used the studio for a project but in the future when I decided to I will feel confident with using the space.

This year I have done a lot of dark room work and feel alot more confident with it but after spending a lot of time working on darkroom photography I now feel that I perhaps don’t enjoy this as much as other methods of photography that I have now got to grips with, and in the future maybe discard darkroom work as I feel it doesn’t reflect my style of work.

Over this year I have been putting my photographic practise to work and earning a small amount of money doing the odd photography job for example portrait photos for modelling industries, wedding photography and website portfolio portraits. I have found this very useful because I can put what I learn on my course into use and keep improving my skills for example lighting techniques.

I have just got a job accepted at a school as a art and photography technician, not only is it a skill related job but I find that it is very helpful towards my work because I also mix with the children at the school and discuss there work and ideas and sometime I can apply it to my own work and also I can discuss my work with them and receive feedback from a different point of view, I also get access to the photography department and free use so this can be useful to get work done for my projects.

over this year i feel i have moved on a great deal and progressed my work and have alot more knowledge around photography and i am looking forward to next year getting more developed project done and setting my self more targets to achieve.

Impressionist Photography

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Ive been working on a project mixing photography with fine art styles, which in my opinion is still art but evolved art. After playing around and exploring different art movement i decided one of the best ones to look at using photography would be Impressionism because it’s about capturing movement light and life and isn’t that also what photography is about?

How ever Impressionism artists painted using hundreds of brush strokes to create painting that were slightly blurred but washes of colour and brought the image to life, for example claude monets many works.

so i then started to look into how i could recreate something in a similar style using a camera, first i looked at using filters to distort my images to give them that painted look and just capture mainly colour like the impressionist painters.

but then i thought this kinda defeated the object of using a camera to create a impressionist photo and so decided to explore other ways of using my camera to create it, and while searching for ideas i came across a guy in America that has also tried to attempt what i am trying with interesting out comes.

( if interested in his work have a look at this link

He uses multiple exposures and digitally overlays images to create his works and he calls this series impressionism photography, there is something about this works that give a painted quality and i also like this photo above for the main reason the subjects are viewing a painting while being involved in creating a digitally painted image. so i decided to give this idea a go but to show movement i decided to take influence from Edgar Degas also a impressionist painter that did a set of painting of dancers so i decided to photograph a dancer.

However i didn’t feel the outcome was very strong using a overlay method to my photos and that might of had something to do with the actual photos but i decided to try something else just to make sure I’d covered all my options! so i looked at more impressionist works for inspiration and found that lots of the painting include water so i decided to try at photographing water sports using a slow shutter to really capture the movement and create the blurs of colour you see in the paintings and these where the final outcomes.

In the mood for love by Won Kar Wai

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The film is set in Hong Kong in the 1960’s and is romantic story of two separate peoples lives that come together under very similar circumstances.From start to finish this story captures you, right from the start it feels like you are thrown amongst the characters lives and and you seem them close up and see and feel there emotions as if you invade there private space.

The filming and effects used in the film really does bring it to life, making every scene seem vibrate and full of life with blurring action shots and close up personal shots of the characters,  so close some shots become out focus, but it’s like your living every moment with the characters. It’s as if the film is carrying you on a personal journey also the soundtrack in the film reflects the moods of the story so well it enhances and completes the overall effect.

The film is all Chinese and subtitled but there is hardly any real conversation within the film and if it was to be in English it would take something away from the film, being in a different language silences the film and enables me to watch and see the emotions of the characters and also focus on the actual beauty created by the methods of filming and getting up close and the sense of life within each shot.

overall this film is one you could watch again and again because it’s very true to it’s self and you can fully immerse yourself in it and can relate to the emotions, i also felt coming away from the film feeling calm and happy as if I’d experienced something personal.

Timecode by Mike Figgis

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Timescode a film set in LA with a variety of different characters who’s story lines all entwine with each other although at the start it begins with 4 main plots. The whole films working by the screen being cut into quarters and each quarter is a plot is being played out continuously and the only way it flicks from plot to plot is by the sound being faded in and out and at time sounds from different plots being heard over the top of each other.

i personally think the idea is good but the overall effect from this film makes it hrad to watch and after trying to focus on four different story lines over an hour it’s easy to loose interest as well as the acting being slightly dodgy and some of the characters messing up there lines slightly, but you have to remember the whole film was only film in one take, so no editing and re shooting. Mike Figgis tries to keep the viewer interested by introducing sex, drugs, and guns into the plot, but the plots are all too obvious and you know whats going to happen so it seemed to drag even more.

The ending of this film seems to come to a over the top, dramatic and unrealistic ending but in a way you wouldn’t really expect anything else from this film. Overall the concept behind the making of the film and the method of story telling though sound rather than just visual works i just wish it has been a better plot and little less clichéd characters.

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