Impressionist Photography

May 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ive been working on a project mixing photography with fine art styles, which in my opinion is still art but evolved art. After playing around and exploring different art movement i decided one of the best ones to look at using photography would be Impressionism because it’s about capturing movement light and life and isn’t that also what photography is about?

How ever Impressionism artists painted using hundreds of brush strokes to create painting that were slightly blurred but washes of colour and brought the image to life, for example claude monets many works.

so i then started to look into how i could recreate something in a similar style using a camera, first i looked at using filters to distort my images to give them that painted look and just capture mainly colour like the impressionist painters.

but then i thought this kinda defeated the object of using a camera to create a impressionist photo and so decided to explore other ways of using my camera to create it, and while searching for ideas i came across a guy in America that has also tried to attempt what i am trying with interesting out comes.

( if interested in his work have a look at this link

He uses multiple exposures and digitally overlays images to create his works and he calls this series impressionism photography, there is something about this works that give a painted quality and i also like this photo above for the main reason the subjects are viewing a painting while being involved in creating a digitally painted image. so i decided to give this idea a go but to show movement i decided to take influence from Edgar Degas also a impressionist painter that did a set of painting of dancers so i decided to photograph a dancer.

However i didn’t feel the outcome was very strong using a overlay method to my photos and that might of had something to do with the actual photos but i decided to try something else just to make sure I’d covered all my options! so i looked at more impressionist works for inspiration and found that lots of the painting include water so i decided to try at photographing water sports using a slow shutter to really capture the movement and create the blurs of colour you see in the paintings and these where the final outcomes.


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