In the mood for love by Won Kar Wai

May 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The film is set in Hong Kong in the 1960’s and is romantic story of two separate peoples lives that come together under very similar circumstances.From start to finish this story captures you, right from the start it feels like you are thrown amongst the characters lives and and you seem them close up and see and feel there emotions as if you invade there private space.

The filming and effects used in the film really does bring it to life, making every scene seem vibrate and full of life with blurring action shots and close up personal shots of the characters,  so close some shots become out focus, but it’s like your living every moment with the characters. It’s as if the film is carrying you on a personal journey also the soundtrack in the film reflects the moods of the story so well it enhances and completes the overall effect.

The film is all Chinese and subtitled but there is hardly any real conversation within the film and if it was to be in English it would take something away from the film, being in a different language silences the film and enables me to watch and see the emotions of the characters and also focus on the actual beauty created by the methods of filming and getting up close and the sense of life within each shot.

overall this film is one you could watch again and again because it’s very true to it’s self and you can fully immerse yourself in it and can relate to the emotions, i also felt coming away from the film feeling calm and happy as if I’d experienced something personal.


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