Timecode by Mike Figgis

May 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Timescode a film set in LA with a variety of different characters who’s story lines all entwine with each other although at the start it begins with 4 main plots. The whole films working by the screen being cut into quarters and each quarter is a plot is being played out continuously and the only way it flicks from plot to plot is by the sound being faded in and out and at time sounds from different plots being heard over the top of each other.

i personally think the idea is good but the overall effect from this film makes it hrad to watch and after trying to focus on four different story lines over an hour it’s easy to loose interest as well as the acting being slightly dodgy and some of the characters messing up there lines slightly, but you have to remember the whole film was only film in one take, so no editing and re shooting. Mike Figgis tries to keep the viewer interested by introducing sex, drugs, and guns into the plot, but the plots are all too obvious and you know whats going to happen so it seemed to drag even more.

The ending of this film seems to come to a over the top, dramatic and unrealistic ending but in a way you wouldn’t really expect anything else from this film. Overall the concept behind the making of the film and the method of story telling though sound rather than just visual works i just wish it has been a better plot and little less clichéd characters.

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