Mental Health

May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

i was asked to create a post about something i thought was underrepresented in the media that should prehaps be brought to light. 1 in ever 10 people are effected by some sort of mental illness at some point, this is actually quite a high figure but still you hardly see anything in the media about this. I find when speaking about mental health people tend to shy away from it or feel uncomfortable with talking about it, and i believe this is from a lack of media coverage on the subject and people then not knowing how to deal with the issue.

i think if there was more coverage in the media around metal health then maybe more would finally get done about people suffering and also people suffering with a metal disorder would also feel more able to discuss their problems rather than be outcast by the public. I also found that alot of people are misinformed about different mental health disorders and because of this have built up miss informed conceptions of the people who suffer.

Last year the media did alot of coverage around the mental health disorder Anorexia nervosa (AN) but i feel this was only because the effects of this mental health issue can be physical and there are a wide range of other mental disorders just as serious except they don’t show any symptoms so they go reported.

Also a other area of underrepresented mental health is the mental health problems the solders coming back from Iraq war suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)and goes unreported and because it goes unreported there is nowhere never the amount of support needed causing suffers to live in silence. Even trying t research into this i find there isn’t alot of coverage and mainly medical health evaluations instead.

i agree with the last link above also when mental health issues are raised in the media then tend to be exaggerated and link to violence within the news suggesting people with mental health issues to be dangerous and a threat and, so the media end up pushing the truth further away and i don’t agree with this because how is anything ever going to improve by isolating big unreported issues.


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