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May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am now coming to the end of my first year of my BA photography course and I feel over the course of the year there are things that I have achieved and also things that maybe I haven’t yet succeeded in. When starting the course I put together a piece of writing explaining what I hope to achieve by the end of the year and now I’m going to reflect upon that.

One of the main things I wanted to achieve this year was to learn how to use a studio space and get to grips with all the equipment, since I’d never used a studio before and hadn’t explored this area of photography I was unsure if I would enjoy it and maybe expand on my work in a new direction. Since then I have learnt how to set up a studio space and how everything works, what to do and what to not do, and also how to achieve desired lighting effect. I haven’t yet used the studio for a project but in the future when I decided to I will feel confident with using the space.

This year I have done a lot of dark room work and feel alot more confident with it but after spending a lot of time working on darkroom photography I now feel that I perhaps don’t enjoy this as much as other methods of photography that I have now got to grips with, and in the future maybe discard darkroom work as I feel it doesn’t reflect my style of work.

Over this year I have been putting my photographic practise to work and earning a small amount of money doing the odd photography job for example portrait photos for modelling industries, wedding photography and website portfolio portraits. I have found this very useful because I can put what I learn on my course into use and keep improving my skills for example lighting techniques.

I have just got a job accepted at a school as a art and photography technician, not only is it a skill related job but I find that it is very helpful towards my work because I also mix with the children at the school and discuss there work and ideas and sometime I can apply it to my own work and also I can discuss my work with them and receive feedback from a different point of view, I also get access to the photography department and free use so this can be useful to get work done for my projects.

over this year i feel i have moved on a great deal and progressed my work and have alot more knowledge around photography and i am looking forward to next year getting more developed project done and setting my self more targets to achieve.


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