The finished images

November 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

i’ve just about finished editing the photos from yesterday theres still a few little bit that need to be done to them but apart from that i think i’m going to leave this part of the project now, by using similar method used though these photos i think i’d like to explore other areas such as tattoos, body piercings, scars and other marks on the skin i think this could form the basis of a very interesting project with lots of opportunities. i think they was the body looks suspended meaning it has no real connection with the background or the viewer and, i really like the different shapes and positions that you can put the body in to create quite abstract images. i think theres something about the body curled up and turned away from the camera that is very private and the fetus position also gives the feeling of safety within the photo, so i think by doing this with people’s tattoos, scars and other marks on the skin could would really well together as everyone has different backgrounds and stories along with tattoos ect, it would almost be like a documentary told though the body .

anyway thats food for thought and were a might take my project but these are the final photos from the recent shoot;

i did this one in black and white just to play around with the different tones i could achieve with the skin but i then decided against it because i feel it doesn’t make the necklaces stand out as much, which would be expected when that’s what the image is focused around.











recent shoot

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after much perseverance i decided to move anyway from the idea of scanning jewellery and find other ways in which i could photograph the pieces these are a few of the unedited photo and i will be posting my inspiration for them later , but overall i think they have turned out nicely , i just need to do a bit of post production on them to sort out colour balance slightly.


i’m very pleased with the outcomes, i really like the idea of the simplicity of the back mixed with the detail of the pieces of jewellery, i think it makes the photos quite striking¬† the fact I’ve used the back to model the necklaces on rather than the normal front for images . i’m aiming at gettiing these photos edited and finished by the evening.


back to the drawing board

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so i did the shoot anyway it didn’t go as well as planned, i was disappointed with the photos, the scanner just didn’t light the image up enough and it was awkward getting the model positioned on the scanner with the jewellery, so i think i’m going to give this idea one last go, but instead of using the scanner I’m going to use glass like jenny Saville and use a camera to take thephotos.




test scans

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before my shoot using my model i decided to do a practise run of scanning the pieces of jewelry that i am going to use to make sure they were suitable, and see how they look and how i would need to position them on the model so that they would lay correctly on the scanner.

Here are the outcomes of the images i got;

as you can see from the photos i’ve tried to use pieces that have a lot of textures to them to make the different contrasts an interesting mix, i only quickly scanned these since i only want to see what the pieces themselves would look like so i haven’t really concentrated on making sure the background is completely blacked out or cleaned the glass of the scanner so there are quiet a few marks on the images, however i do like the effect this has created on some of the image mainly the ones with the darkened backgrounds as instead of being a completely dark backdrop it shows the smudges on the screen from me moving the pieces onto the scanner and it creates this wonderful swirling effect almost, which gives the image even more depth and detail and allows the images to not be as stark, i think this is interesting and will take this in to consideration when doing my final scans .


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since starting this project i tend to look for inspiration from lots of different books and magazine and see what other photographers and artists have done and see if i could reflection on any of there styles with my work.

jenny saville did a project where she push her body agaist glass and took photo before then painting the images, she creative similar tone and depth with her images as i want to creative with my images.

these images i found from my Polaroid book, these really inspired me to mix materials using a scanner, also looking though the Polaroid book i found lots of other photos that have really inspired me and give me ideas to apply to my own style of working and to take my work to other areas.

First shoot preparation

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For my first shoot , well no so much a shoot but scanning jewellery against skins, since using a scanner I’ve found that any hard object you put on a scanner ie. jewellery doesn’t lose its shape or distort like skin but instead you can see it much more clearly, more so than with your own eye, so for my first shoot i will be enrolling a model to model the different pieces of jewellery for me pressed up against a flat bedded scanner, and hope for the outcome that the models skins will distort and squish against and around the pieces of jewellery creating almost a backdrop to the subject matter, and as i’ve found with scanner skin the body is no flat and has it’s over curves and shapes in the skin and against the light from the scanner creates interesting tone to the image.

i really want to show the detail of the jewellery because this is what an aim would be if you were photographing jewellery for a magazine of company, it’s what should attract someones attention, and sell the piece.

For the shoot I’ve collected a range of different pieces of jewellery specifically chosen with scanning them in mind, i didn’t want to just use jewellery made just from different metals put with other materials such as lace, beads and feathers creating even more interest in the photos and also showing how the body will fit and frame the pieces differently creating some variation.

when using a scanner i found the scanner light it’s self can sometimes be too bright and lights more than i want to be on show making the images seem flat, and i would rather achieve more of a dark looking photo creating depth with the skin disappearing off into the darkness, i achieved this last time in my last project using cloth over the model to black out any light and also asking the model not to push down on the flat bedded scanner but to just allow some of the skin’s surface to touch the scanner. After taking the images with the scanner i then using some post production n the images just to darken and burn out bit on the photos that i still wished to be darker and i think i achieve the desired effect,so i will use this method again .


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as i was researching ways different photography/ artists are pushing the limits on how you can use the body to photograph i came across work by Arjan Benning who has created a font made out of skin called Huidletters, using pegs to position skin into the letters of the alphabet. i think it’s a very interesting idea, up to now I’ve been thinking about the body as a whole but this has intrigued me to start looking at using different features of the body and has opened up the door to other possibilities.

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