cameraless photography

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

since my last project meeting the senses i’ve been looking more into cameraless photography, there are losts of different methods of creating a photo without the aid of the camera but using similar processes that the camera does to create the images using light. I think the different out comes from cameraless photography can be very interesting and with very creative and expressive results so for my new project pushing the body to the limit i would really like to experiment with this way of working, to start i’d like to carry on by producing scanner images, i love the different tones that i get from the images and the level of depth it creates and also the sharp detail attained.

one interesting cameraless photographer i came across is floris neususs, he has been using  camera less photography for most of his career, using light sensitive paper he records an image by exposing the paper to light creating amazing images, ne of his projects i found was based around the body;

i think the results from his images of the body placed on light-sensitive paper are very similar to my work with the scanner, it creative a sense of depth , tho there isn’t as much detail as i get from using a scanner his images give the sense of shadows with layers, a three-dimensional image on flat paper which is what makes these images so interesting. For my project i would defiantly like to revisit how i use and create images using the scanner and how these images can be used in context, I’m going to defiantly look into fashion combined with fine art because i think to two could tie in really well together.


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