pushing the body to the limit.

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

In my project I aim to produce a portfolio of photos that starts to reflect my style of working as a photographer. I am going to take what I have learnt in my last project ‘meeting the senses’ and really expand on it in lots of different ways using the last project idea really just a spring board, I want to move away for the idea of senses and really focus on the idea of creating a good collection of fine art photographs of the body. I feel my method of working is very experimental and id like to really push the boundaries and create new and fresh strong photos. I will also be looking into what other areas of photographic practise my work could fit into, and how I can take my photos and fit them into different contexts such as galleries, fashion, and books, photography is a huge market and I will be looking how my photography and the style of it will fit into place.


Description of project;

For my project I am going to be expanding on the photos from my last project in which I experimenting with camera less photography mainly using a scanner to create my images, I know I work using very experimental methods and I think this always gives interesting results, but I still think there are many other ways of working that are similar, I would also like to focus on doing much larger scale ideas and also using a studio to progress, my last projects photos were very interesting because of the texture created so I plan to use materials with the body . I’d like to come out with some very striking and fascinating images, photographing the body in unusual and unseen ways, I think it might be interesting to visit old style 19th century portraiture and almost mimic it but applying my own style to it.

Sources to be utilised;

For my project I will need to research into a number of different areas using books as most important resource, looking at fine art photography for inspiration and also looking at art photography magazines for new photographers work to see if anything similar to what I plan to do is being done in a similar way. I will also need to look at different styles of portraiture. The internet will also be a valuable resource to look into different attitudes to fine art photography and the way in which fine art photography can be used in context within the market as ell as research possible methods for my own work and whether there are any other photographers doing anything similar to my ideas. I always find photography magazines useful too as then contain a lot of ideas and helpful ways of working, and Photoshop hints and contains the most up to date recent technologies. I will also be using other resources such as YouTube and blogs to progress my research and I will also be using my own blog space to note all my working progress as well as my research and reflecting on the on going project.



As a outcome I hope to produce a strong portfolio of a range off different creative photos experimenting and playing with the body and how I can use my style in context, I ideally would like to produce a portfolio with around 20-30 images with a wide range of ideas and techniques. I want to produce half and half of colour and white images using digital media. I also hope that from this project I will then gain a better understanding in where my work lye’s and where it could take me.





Week 1



Research into existing photographers work, planning for the first shoot, purchasing props needed


Week 2



Getting started on all the photo shoots planned, arranging models when needed, carrying on aiding my work with research. Posting blogs updating the work.


Week 3



Half of the photo shooting should almost be done, week for post productions on the first sets of images, posts on blog updated reflecting on work so far.


Week 4



Other shoots planned can start, the week focused on getting a lot of imaged produced for the project. Research into how my images and start being put in context.


Week 5



Last week of post production, final photo shoots if needed and photos finalised, start getting ready for printing for portfolio, blog updated.


Week 6



All final photos should be done and ready, and sent off to be printed; this week can be aimed at making sure the blog is fully up to date. All research is done.


Week 7



Final week is for reflecting on the work done and how I feel it’s gone. Put together portfolio and load images onto disk.

Hand in project on Friday.



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