First shoot preparation

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

For my first shoot , well no so much a shoot but scanning jewellery against skins, since using a scanner I’ve found that any hard object you put on a scanner ie. jewellery doesn’t lose its shape or distort like skin but instead you can see it much more clearly, more so than with your own eye, so for my first shoot i will be enrolling a model to model the different pieces of jewellery for me pressed up against a flat bedded scanner, and hope for the outcome that the models skins will distort and squish against and around the pieces of jewellery creating almost a backdrop to the subject matter, and as i’ve found with scanner skin the body is no flat and has it’s over curves and shapes in the skin and against the light from the scanner creates interesting tone to the image.

i really want to show the detail of the jewellery because this is what an aim would be if you were photographing jewellery for a magazine of company, it’s what should attract someones attention, and sell the piece.

For the shoot I’ve collected a range of different pieces of jewellery specifically chosen with scanning them in mind, i didn’t want to just use jewellery made just from different metals put with other materials such as lace, beads and feathers creating even more interest in the photos and also showing how the body will fit and frame the pieces differently creating some variation.

when using a scanner i found the scanner light it’s self can sometimes be too bright and lights more than i want to be on show making the images seem flat, and i would rather achieve more of a dark looking photo creating depth with the skin disappearing off into the darkness, i achieved this last time in my last project using cloth over the model to black out any light and also asking the model not to push down on the flat bedded scanner but to just allow some of the skin’s surface to touch the scanner. After taking the images with the scanner i then using some post production n the images just to darken and burn out bit on the photos that i still wished to be darker and i think i achieve the desired effect,so i will use this method again .


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