test scans

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

before my shoot using my model i decided to do a practise run of scanning the pieces of jewelry that i am going to use to make sure they were suitable, and see how they look and how i would need to position them on the model so that they would lay correctly on the scanner.

Here are the outcomes of the images i got;

as you can see from the photos i’ve tried to use pieces that have a lot of textures to them to make the different contrasts an interesting mix, i only quickly scanned these since i only want to see what the pieces themselves would look like so i haven’t really concentrated on making sure the background is completely blacked out or cleaned the glass of the scanner so there are quiet a few marks on the images, however i do like the effect this has created on some of the image mainly the ones with the darkened backgrounds as instead of being a completely dark backdrop it shows the smudges on the screen from me moving the pieces onto the scanner and it creates this wonderful swirling effect almost, which gives the image even more depth and detail and allows the images to not be as stark, i think this is interesting and will take this in to consideration when doing my final scans .


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