The finished images

November 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

i’ve just about finished editing the photos from yesterday theres still a few little bit that need to be done to them but apart from that i think i’m going to leave this part of the project now, by using similar method used though these photos i think i’d like to explore other areas such as tattoos, body piercings, scars and other marks on the skin i think this could form the basis of a very interesting project with lots of opportunities. i think they was the body looks suspended meaning it has no real connection with the background or the viewer and, i really like the different shapes and positions that you can put the body in to create quite abstract images. i think theres something about the body curled up and turned away from the camera that is very private and the fetus position also gives the feeling of safety within the photo, so i think by doing this with people’s tattoos, scars and other marks on the skin could would really well together as everyone has different backgrounds and stories along with tattoos ect, it would almost be like a documentary told though the body .

anyway thats food for thought and were a might take my project but these are the final photos from the recent shoot;

i did this one in black and white just to play around with the different tones i could achieve with the skin but i then decided against it because i feel it doesn’t make the necklaces stand out as much, which would be expected when that’s what the image is focused around.











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