Alexander Mcqueen

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

one day during this project i was sat watching tv and i saw this advert come on, which stopped me from ding what i was doing and had my eyes glued to the screen;

this advert really interested me more not just the advert for chocolate by more by the clothing the model was wearing, the idea she was floating in air and twirling around  and the dress being cleverly blown from different angles to make the dress slowly open up, i think this advert was very powerful and was a different way to show a fashion piece similar to the methods I’ve been looking at. while looking into the advert i fund that the advert it’s self took the idea from fashion designer Alexander McQueen, he did a piece featuring Kate moss in his designed piece twirling around and the video was using in a hologram to project his pieces on the catwalk in a different style to attract attention.


i think fashion designers alike are always looking for new ways to show their peices and different ways to attract attention, and  i would like to be able to say about my work also.


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