Denis Darzacq

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

after looking at Sam taylor-woods work i decided to research into similar work about to find the best way of achieving the sense that a person is suspended in mid-air, i had heard of ne way that involved photoshopping out something that a person is standing on to make them appear to be floating. while i was searching i came across a photographer called Danis Darzacq that has been producing work that features dancers jumping or free styling in normal everyday places such as supermarkets and bus stops, using a very fast shutter he captures the dancer in mid-air so they appear to be suspended, and i think the shapes and different positions he captures them in are very interesting some of them i find my self wondering how they could have been photographed in such a position it almost goes against gravity, but it’s very interesting to know that all the photos are real. on some of his images you can tell that the dancer was moving at a fast speed since the hands are sometimes blurred on the photos. this video shows the photographer in action working with his dancer in a street location.

when looking at these photos, the body appears to be hanging in mid-air, everything about a person we recognise in photos seems t have been taken away in these photos left with a body we know thing about and i think this is why using this method will work well to model my pieces of jewellery because the person become just the backdrop of the image and i think with the right lighting my photos will really work.


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