December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

now that this project is coming to the end of term I’m drawing it to a close, i feel in many ways although my project didn’t go right to plan that it in some ways has strengthened it and i have come out with a better outcome than what i had first imagined. After reading thought my project proposal, i think i have stayed within what i had proposed to do, i had wanted to push the boundary of the body producing a series of images that really push different ways the body can be photographed and how the body can be used to model jewellery. In the proposal i had planed on having a series of different images using different methods to photograph the body and i did experiment with different methods i felt that producing a series of different methods as finished pieces would be spreading myself  a bit too thin and that the images wouldn’t be as strong as i had hoped.

i think from not following what i had set out to do, it has made me become aware of the possibilities that i can add to my own style of photography, i usually work from one idea and try to follow it thought, but i think with this project it has taught me to take risks with my work and not always stick with the first idea i come across. I’ve always wanted to sway to fashion photography and always felt like i was not able to do so because of my style of work would not suit fashion photography but i think this project and the research that i have done has opened my eyes to different ways of mixing the two styles of photography, fine art and fashion, and i feel i am now more able to experiment and would like to continue in this direction and see where it takes me, i feel i will always be drawn however to the fine art style of working though.

Rather than producing a sketch book of ideas and thoughts and housing all my research in that i have been using this blog to note it all down, and i have found this a challenge, i am so used to working in sketch books jotting my ideas down as they come and drawing up sketches of photos i would like to produce, i think because i come from more of a fine art side this is why is has been hard for me, through this project i have tried to keep all my thinking posted on the blog but i feel by doing so it have lost some personality by having to plan do to posts ect, so i think when it comes to my next project in the future i will carry on blogging but will also go back to using a sketch book and if need be scan pages of my work in, then post on my blog.

While on the subject of learning, i felt i hadn’t worked with studio lighting enough and after doing a separate fashion project this gave me the confidence to try to use studio lighting for my project, and i think without doing so my photos would have suffered, and now i am able to consider alot more with my photos with not having to worry so much about the lighting, and this too have opened up possibilities for me to take my ideas and work to different places.

i think i kept within my timescale working well, i felt that i set myself a realistic time scale and helped me get to organise my work and not feel like i have piles of work, i think it also helped me from not leaving all my work to last minuet and i had to plan what i was going to do from the start which made me more prepared.

overall i am pleased with the outcomes of the photos, however since receiving the prints i am not to happy with them because they have a yellow tinge to them, i think this was properly something to do with the ink in the printer where i got my images printed.

As to how i am going to carry on this project i would like to look into the idea of photographing people with marks on their skins such as scars, tattoos and piercings because i think this would be a very interesting direction to take my project, and the way people are curled up and in the fetal posision, i think would lead to a very dramatic and beautiful series of images.

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