paul wright’s studio

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

visiting paul wright’s studio was a very eye-opening experience just seeing and experimenting with the different ways we can portray the body in images. i think that this visit has really kick started my next project, and I’m starting to think in more detail about how i want my photo to look, the light, composition, the feel i was to achieve from my photos. these were some of the drawings made over the day that i achieved from paul wright’s workshop.


Finding a web host and domain

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

For 252MC digital media i have been looking around to find a suitable web host to start my professional photography website and i wanted a host that had low costs but would include everything i would need to build my website, so have browsing and using a umber of different comparison sites i came across Their pricing was really good and was listed as one of the UKs best hosting sites, after having a look around and seeing that they had everything i needed and looked into all their support fetures they looked promising so i decided to purchase hosting space from them for one year.

Also not only do they offer really good deals but they are 100% run by renewable energy making them certified green web hosting. i also found that they offer free extra’s like face book linking and word press so this will properly be very useful when it comes to transferring data and posts.

Even after i have started to use them as a host if i am not completely happy with the service or the site i can claim my money back within 30day so it doesn’t seem as much of a risk.

jim goldberg’s open see

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

i really enjoyed reading this article on Jim Goldberg’s recent project open see, although you could say his style of photography is documentary i think the way in which he involves the subject though the process of taking the photo then allowing them to become more part of the image by writing onto the image their own personal thoughts and feelings, opens the image up giving more of a 3D substance to each photo taken. i felt when looking at more of his images in this project not so much thinking about the subject he was photographing¬† illegal immigrants¬† but becoming more interesting in the personal views and messages put across by there added input therefore making the images to me stronger and have more of an impact.

When considering my work i may reflect on this series again and draw inspiration from the way he does get the photographed subjects to draw and add too the photo.


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