task 5-Creating human narrative- part 1

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After doing task 4 the clothed body i have decided to use this task brief to further the idea of the clothed body, i want to take around 10-20 images that shows my model, undressing and having a shower, but like my task 4 , not showing the whole body but just glimpses of skins or parts of the body and face similar to the work of Elinor Carucci, her project called closer photographs parts of the body or people but never the whole image, and she cleverly photographs body’s together yet in a unusual way, she photographs everyday things such as eating lunch, washing, sleeping ect.

The last image by Elinor Carucci is the one that has also inspired me with what i plan to do for this task, i think the way in which i could narrate someone taking a shower, there are so many ways i could go about it and i would really like to try and explore this.


task 4- the clothed body

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working with the clothed body i wanted to find a way to photography the body with clothes at the same time not detracted away from the main focus that is the body. so i came up with the idea of photographing wet clothes clinging to the body so that they become a second skin of the body, i thought about a way in which i could create a narrative by showing the way the body moves and the clothes cling to the body and trap air bubbles in the material against the skin, i do have further ideas for creating a narrative for this task but first i want to see how achievable the wet clothes on the body work and what sort of results i can achieve.This are the images that i got from then shoot;

i really liked the results from this task i think the lighting worked really well, i used only natural light and i think the colour that to water gives and the colour of the clothing works well with the skin tone in making the body really stand out yet never people to see the complete body at any onetime because of the clothes.  i will be using this for the creating a human narrative task also of someone takings a shower and trying to really create more of a narrative that i think i failed to show in this task

task 2- The view from inside-part 2

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Looking  at jim Goldberg’s work Raised by wolves, we were asked to take close personal shots of people around us and our pack, friend or people we live with and the closeness, like a window into how we live together and what we get up to, so i decided to photograph my friends in their house messing around and drinking, and the things that they get up to, in my photos i tried to show the connections they have with each other as well as the trust and intimacy they have with each other, after taking a few photos they than began to get bored with the camera and posing and just carried one with what ever they were doing or talking to each other about, that was when i started to get some good shots, these are the shots that i think work well.

i did struggle with photographing in this style because while these so much happening and going on it’s hard when they do something and you see a good shot to ask them to do it again because it’s never to same. i do really like these photos though because like Jim Goldberg images to can really see and feel the connection in the group and how it works like a pack, all getting along close and having fun and being careless even in front of the camera.

task 2-the view from inside-jim goldberg- part 1

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Jim Goldberg’s work raised by wolves shows the stories of homeless teens using mixed media, they have built together a communities of their own thought their struggles to live though different means such as drugs, prostitution and fighting. He photographs their real emotions and there lives and really gives an insight into a different world that we would never normally ever get to view, though his works he used writing of the teens thoughts and views, there dreams and hopes, these really bring the project alive.

In his photos they are never really posing to the camera Jim Goldberg just looks on with his camera at the teens and documents there lives close up and raw with everything  exposed, the teens try to hide nothing and so the photos become so vivid and real.

In my task i really want to show the relations and connection when photographing people close to me, i don’t want to pick and choose what i photograph i want to see everything and show everything so that it’s very exposed like Jim Goldberg’s works, as if the photos are a window into the packs of friends.

task 1 intimate vs private-part 2

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i when to the party and i managed to get a few shots with people i didn’t know, while trying to hold a conversation with them, a few of them did come out blurry but i struggled because there was loud music being played so found it hard to have a conversation with people and a lot of the time people would either smile or pose for the photographs with is what i thought might happen, i did however get a few photos of a guy near the start, i asked if i could take his photos and he’s laughed and asked if he could  do a few poses, the lighting wasn’t brilliant so i asked him to stand by the UV and strobe light that was in the other room, and at first he messed around and did a few silly poses and we laughed about it but then when we got into conversation he started acting more natural and while we were talking i kept taking a few shots, there are some of the best shots i got;

i think these work really nicely, i light the way the UV lighting work with his skin and makes his eye and shirt stand out, the camera didn’t work too well with the UV light and did struggle since it made everything glow including dust ! I did really like working this way by photographing in dark but using lights to highlight the subject and will defiantly revisit this idea when looking at the rest of this project, i would like to do a how body shoot using lights in a dark surrounding.

task 1 intimate vs private

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For this task we have been asked to practice taking portrait shots but instead of them just being a quick simple look at the camera and smile style photo, we have to first engage with the subject, hold a conversation and then when taking the photo have more of a substantance with emotion or thought showing though the person i photography, we have also be asked to still consider the lighting and the way it’s shot, to get the person to feel relaxed that being photographed.

first we practiced with each other in the class working on how we could talk and hold a conversation with the person while getting the shot ready and also getting in with the camera as close as possible without the person feeling uncomfortable with me in the personal space and these were the first images i produced;

At first i found it slightly hard talking to the person while trying to set up and get the shot but after a while it was fine and i went about shooting, i realized that when holding a conversation, it can’t be one that too amusing since i was struggling to talk photos while laughing, so we aimed for a more low key conversation. i really liked the natural lighting that i found and was really able to get some nice results with the light on the face and also the definition it gave to the brick walls.

For this task we were asked to use these skills what we had learnt in the workshop to go out and take photos of strangers, asking them if we could take there photography, anyone that is randomly asked if they can have there photograph taken becomes tense and uneasy so this will put my conversational skills and photographic skills to the test to get the lighting right and make the person feel relaxed enough that i can get close to take quiet close shots. I have decided i will be taking my shots at a party i will be going to since, i don’t know a lot of people there i think this will be the perfect opportunity to talk to strangers and ask to take there photo and have a conversation with them, this will also push me to thinking about lighting because i don;t know until i get there what it will be like and i only plan on taking my camera to work with.

virtually Real

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with newer software and technologies always happening and the market always being in demand for the new best thing, our technology has never been changing so quickly, but what is the main aim and reason for always looking for something that we can interact with and access? since the start of the human kind we have always had an obsession with creating a different world, something that’s always in the mind, a need for immersion into a different world, something that has no boundary like our own world.

for example artists were the first people to create these other worlds, rich lords and lady’s would pay artists to paint amazing windows around there homes of heavens and 3D illusion paintings of spaces that didn’t really exist. One artist that paints like this is Trompe l’oeil , he paints window illusions of other places far away from where the building is turning blank plain walls into something looking onto a exciting looking world.

Also street artists have tried to recreate these ideas of 3D pieces in the walkways, there so good that realistic that people actually walk around the drawings on the floor because our natural instinct and logic of our own world and that if we walk over it we will fall down the hole. This is one of my favourites by julian Beever.

So from this style of creating enougher world we now have technology and we are starting to use this to create the ultimate experience of virtual realities, from the Xbox  kinetic, wii and 3D tv, and people cannot get enough of these games because it makes these made up worlds more real than ever before, and now we have the technology this will only ever get better and we will be able to immerse our self into these made up worlds even more.

Luckey ive had the chance to experience technology such as the above video when i did some work experience for the design studios at the Jaguar cars manufactory, in their studio they have a virtual realities suit. it is a large white room with alot of wired and a control room, first i was able to use some of the digital soft wear to create a digital room with chairs tables doors and random object just like you would in the familiar game called The sims, once i had designed a room i was then hooked up to hand and feet sensors also torso sensors and then a head set with had a screen build into it, then the room that i had digitally created was uploaded and became a realty i would see in on my screen and has i walked around i moved within the digital room, i was also able to look down at my self  to see my hands and feet and see a digital replica of my self in the virtual word, after a bit of messing around and getting used to walking around, got to put the technology to its real use with is testing out the ergonomics of the cars that they design, a car that they were currently designing was uploaded and became a digital reality that i was able to walk around and look at as you would a car in the real world, i was then asked to reach different parts of the car so that they would see how easy it was to reach them for a person my hight, such as the door handle being in a good place and the petrol cap.

i think this technology is the way everything will go one day, once you’ve experienced it it’s almost like being in the Matrix with different thinking being uploaded into the virtual world that you view, i wasn’t aware that companies already have to technology to do things like this so maybe it’s not too far in the future that we will all be able to experience it.

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