virtually Real

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

with newer software and technologies always happening and the market always being in demand for the new best thing, our technology has never been changing so quickly, but what is the main aim and reason for always looking for something that we can interact with and access? since the start of the human kind we have always had an obsession with creating a different world, something that’s always in the mind, a need for immersion into a different world, something that has no boundary like our own world.

for example artists were the first people to create these other worlds, rich lords and lady’s would pay artists to paint amazing windows around there homes of heavens and 3D illusion paintings of spaces that didn’t really exist. One artist that paints like this is Trompe l’oeil , he paints window illusions of other places far away from where the building is turning blank plain walls into something looking onto a exciting looking world.

Also street artists have tried to recreate these ideas of 3D pieces in the walkways, there so good that realistic that people actually walk around the drawings on the floor because our natural instinct and logic of our own world and that if we walk over it we will fall down the hole. This is one of my favourites by julian Beever.

So from this style of creating enougher world we now have technology and we are starting to use this to create the ultimate experience of virtual realities, from the Xbox  kinetic, wii and 3D tv, and people cannot get enough of these games because it makes these made up worlds more real than ever before, and now we have the technology this will only ever get better and we will be able to immerse our self into these made up worlds even more.

Luckey ive had the chance to experience technology such as the above video when i did some work experience for the design studios at the Jaguar cars manufactory, in their studio they have a virtual realities suit. it is a large white room with alot of wired and a control room, first i was able to use some of the digital soft wear to create a digital room with chairs tables doors and random object just like you would in the familiar game called The sims, once i had designed a room i was then hooked up to hand and feet sensors also torso sensors and then a head set with had a screen build into it, then the room that i had digitally created was uploaded and became a realty i would see in on my screen and has i walked around i moved within the digital room, i was also able to look down at my self  to see my hands and feet and see a digital replica of my self in the virtual word, after a bit of messing around and getting used to walking around, got to put the technology to its real use with is testing out the ergonomics of the cars that they design, a car that they were currently designing was uploaded and became a digital reality that i was able to walk around and look at as you would a car in the real world, i was then asked to reach different parts of the car so that they would see how easy it was to reach them for a person my hight, such as the door handle being in a good place and the petrol cap.

i think this technology is the way everything will go one day, once you’ve experienced it it’s almost like being in the Matrix with different thinking being uploaded into the virtual world that you view, i wasn’t aware that companies already have to technology to do things like this so maybe it’s not too far in the future that we will all be able to experience it.


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