task 1 intimate vs private-part 2

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

i when to the party and i managed to get a few shots with people i didn’t know, while trying to hold a conversation with them, a few of them did come out blurry but i struggled because there was loud music being played so found it hard to have a conversation with people and a lot of the time people would either smile or pose for the photographs with is what i thought might happen, i did however get a few photos of a guy near the start, i asked if i could take his photos and he’s laughed and asked if he could  do a few poses, the lighting wasn’t brilliant so i asked him to stand by the UV and strobe light that was in the other room, and at first he messed around and did a few silly poses and we laughed about it but then when we got into conversation he started acting more natural and while we were talking i kept taking a few shots, there are some of the best shots i got;

i think these work really nicely, i light the way the UV lighting work with his skin and makes his eye and shirt stand out, the camera didn’t work too well with the UV light and did struggle since it made everything glow including dust ! I did really like working this way by photographing in dark but using lights to highlight the subject and will defiantly revisit this idea when looking at the rest of this project, i would like to do a how body shoot using lights in a dark surrounding.


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