task 1 intimate vs private

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

For this task we have been asked to practice taking portrait shots but instead of them just being a quick simple look at the camera and smile style photo, we have to first engage with the subject, hold a conversation and then when taking the photo have more of a substantance with emotion or thought showing though the person i photography, we have also be asked to still consider the lighting and the way it’s shot, to get the person to feel relaxed that being photographed.

first we practiced with each other in the class working on how we could talk and hold a conversation with the person while getting the shot ready and also getting in with the camera as close as possible without the person feeling uncomfortable with me in the personal space and these were the first images i produced;

At first i found it slightly hard talking to the person while trying to set up and get the shot but after a while it was fine and i went about shooting, i realized that when holding a conversation, it can’t be one that too amusing since i was struggling to talk photos while laughing, so we aimed for a more low key conversation. i really liked the natural lighting that i found and was really able to get some nice results with the light on the face and also the definition it gave to the brick walls.

For this task we were asked to use these skills what we had learnt in the workshop to go out and take photos of strangers, asking them if we could take there photography, anyone that is randomly asked if they can have there photograph taken becomes tense and uneasy so this will put my conversational skills and photographic skills to the test to get the lighting right and make the person feel relaxed enough that i can get close to take quiet close shots. I have decided i will be taking my shots at a party i will be going to since, i don’t know a lot of people there i think this will be the perfect opportunity to talk to strangers and ask to take there photo and have a conversation with them, this will also push me to thinking about lighting because i don;t know until i get there what it will be like and i only plan on taking my camera to work with.


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