task 2-the view from inside-jim goldberg- part 1

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Jim Goldberg’s work raised by wolves shows the stories of homeless teens using mixed media, they have built together a communities of their own thought their struggles to live though different means such as drugs, prostitution and fighting. He photographs their real emotions and there lives and really gives an insight into a different world that we would never normally ever get to view, though his works he used writing of the teens thoughts and views, there dreams and hopes, these really bring the project alive.

In his photos they are never really posing to the camera Jim Goldberg just looks on with his camera at the teens and documents there lives close up and raw with everything  exposed, the teens try to hide nothing and so the photos become so vivid and real.

In my task i really want to show the relations and connection when photographing people close to me, i don’t want to pick and choose what i photograph i want to see everything and show everything so that it’s very exposed like Jim Goldberg’s works, as if the photos are a window into the packs of friends.


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