task 2- The view from inside-part 2

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Looking  at jim Goldberg’s work Raised by wolves, we were asked to take close personal shots of people around us and our pack, friend or people we live with and the closeness, like a window into how we live together and what we get up to, so i decided to photograph my friends in their house messing around and drinking, and the things that they get up to, in my photos i tried to show the connections they have with each other as well as the trust and intimacy they have with each other, after taking a few photos they than began to get bored with the camera and posing and just carried one with what ever they were doing or talking to each other about, that was when i started to get some good shots, these are the shots that i think work well.

i did struggle with photographing in this style because while these so much happening and going on it’s hard when they do something and you see a good shot to ask them to do it again because it’s never to same. i do really like these photos though because like Jim Goldberg images to can really see and feel the connection in the group and how it works like a pack, all getting along close and having fun and being careless even in front of the camera.


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