task 4- the clothed body

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

working with the clothed body i wanted to find a way to photography the body with clothes at the same time not detracted away from the main focus that is the body. so i came up with the idea of photographing wet clothes clinging to the body so that they become a second skin of the body, i thought about a way in which i could create a narrative by showing the way the body moves and the clothes cling to the body and trap air bubbles in the material against the skin, i do have further ideas for creating a narrative for this task but first i want to see how achievable the wet clothes on the body work and what sort of results i can achieve.This are the images that i got from then shoot;

i really liked the results from this task i think the lighting worked really well, i used only natural light and i think the colour that to water gives and the colour of the clothing works well with the skin tone in making the body really stand out yet never people to see the complete body at any onetime because of the clothes.  i will be using this for the creating a human narrative task also of someone takings a shower and trying to really create more of a narrative that i think i failed to show in this task


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