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I wanted to create a static page for my website, that would be like a front page that would link off to my blog, flickr account and showcase a full gallery of my work, i was able to design my static page on photoshop as to what i would want it to look like and how it would work. unfortuanlly i wasn’t able to put my static page into action because i was having some issues with my webhosting space and dreamweaver being able to communicate but i will carry on working on this so that i can get my site up and running and can use it for my course and also afterwards. ^^^^ this is what my front static page will look like on the front page i have decided to feature fashion photography but when i come t making this my static page i could choose any of my photograph works to be displayed on the front, the static page would be able to be scrolled to the right so that you can view all my image and i would be able to update them with the mst recent ne s i can always renew the look of the front page.

^^^^ this is what it would look like when i clicked on one f the links of the static page, so the side page, the title you clicked on would turn pale grey and then a different series of images would appear on the right and s yu would be able to scroll across.

^^^^ the same with this page for my fine art photgraphy the title would highlight in light grey and again the images would change this would be the same for all the pages.


The camera never lies?

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The Camera Never Lies?
An Art Monthly panel discussion with Craig Burnett, Alison Green, Axel Lapp and Julian Stallabrass, Camden Arts Centre, London, 30 November 2005

Taking a photograph is the nearest way we have of accurately capturing an image which replicates one that we saw with our own eyes, and retained in our memory. It is in reality more accurate that the memory as it is not subject to changing with time as can, and often does happen with a memory.  . So when we view a photo we instinctively believe what we are seeing before us. Can we really trust what we see in photos any more? Is technology hindering this or have we never been able to fully trust the image and rely on it to tell the truth?  This leads onto manipulating of photos, are they playing on our habit of trusting the photographic image or are they just doing what has been done to photos since they were first produced? Photographers manipulate their pictures in various ways, from choosing what to Shoot, arranging the shot to altering the resulting image using Photoshop and other software. The manipulation of photography brings to light questions about photography and the truth. A lot of photography today is mainly seen as a postmodern art photography, and postmodernism’s rule is truths do not necessarily last, but can alter and shift with changes in culture and beliefs. Modernism however says that some truths do last; such truths reflect basic, universal conditions of humanity. I will also be reflecting largely on the heated debate of fashion photography altering the sizes of models and the airbrushing, and the uses of photography as propaganda simply by alerting a photo to share a message.

Most photos today are shared by the world online, and so millions of people can be viewing a photo that really has very little truth in it. I always find when searching for an image online either in google images or anywhere else yu can never be sure if it is the real deal because it is so easy for anyone that’s good at photoshop to take make adjustments to and then publish it back n google images for people to see, there is no way other than people opinions whether something has been change and is fake or not.


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Html is basically coding that commands things to look and work a certain way, it is basically like a different language, every colour command has a number code and every pixel can be commanded to look like something to do something when clicked. html is the rules to how things will always look on a screen.

when looking for a template for my wordpress you can just search people s templates that they have already created using html and you can simply apply them to your wordpress which them automatically codes your wordpress blog to look the same, then went editing you blog you can simpley play around with the html changing the colour codes, size of font and how the blg looks just by reading the code and altering bits and peices.

For my blog i found a template that i really liked and began to play around with it altering it to look how i wanted it. Here are some screen shots of the look of my blog now.

^^^ this is how my blog front page looks, it’s very simple and plain but i like this because it’s easy to find your way around and has a very stylish yet modern look to it and the way its layed out.i did change the title it was quite small when i first found the template, but by using html i was able to make the title bigger and change the shade f grey that it was.

^^^ when clicking on one of my blog posts, the post opens by dropping down and opening so all the other blog posts in the list slide down, i really like the movement and easy and by clicking the title of the blog pst again it will pull the post up and close it again going back to the start page.

^^^^ the side menu bar also works the same as the posts when clicking on one f the side bar titles it then drops open so that you can view the headliners under each title before the clicking on them to go to the pages.

^^^^ in one of the drop down sidebars, i made a new title called links and added everyone else that has a blog, so people can easily get from one blog to view others they may interest them and it also makes it easy for me when using my blog space to quickly get to one of the other sites or blogs.


one of the good things about my blog space is the customise function, when clicking on the side bar titled customise the list opens containing different colour title, one click of any of the colours will transform my blog space.




i really like this feature because if people have trouble with viewing my blogs or they just fancy a different colour while browsing they can change it to something else, however my site will always return to white when reuploaded,

i also have an app that when you click on flickr photo stream it shows you 3 of my most recent uploads on my flickr account and when the images are clicked on you are then directed to my flickr gallery.


wordpress apps

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when starting to build my blog space, i started t used various out which are a bit like mash ups, they are small programs that are made to tie different websites and accounts together, from galleries to even silly pointless apps that pop up with a quote every time you log on.They can affect the way your blog space looks or the way you use it. When talking about apps most people will relate this to smart phone apps, which is the same thing, except when using it on my blog space it merges in with the way my site works.

For my blog i downloaded a number of apps and played around to see how they worked, first i set out looking for a gallery app that would show my photographs on and i could arrange sets of gallery and have pop up that shows my work in a slide show, n word press there is a huge amount of gallery apps to choose from, it comes in useful when you want a selection of images directly on your wordpress site.

I also added an app for flickr, flickr is a hosting space for millions of people to create accounts and upload their photos, whether there professional photos or just photos taken for fun, the site is created to share and sell photos too. I decided on my blog space that i would like people to be able to view my most recently uploaded photo to flick so by downloading the app it lets everyone view my images and link to my full flickr gallery.




Ryan Mcginley

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Ryan Mcginleys would is what inspired my final shoot as i have already mentioned earlier back in my blog but i just came across video footage of his shoot and thought i would share it.


also i came across one of his more recent shoots that was recorded that looks like he’s taking his work to even higher levels and and really pushing boundarys.

magzine layout of shoot

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in my last post i was talking about how i had imaged my images to be a shoot used for a fashion magazine and so i decided to experiment with this idea on how the would look as pages in a magazine, and today discussed with peers at how i could go about pairing them up. There was the idea of using the sky as a way to document the images as you turn the pages the sky starts to lighten up and the finishing image being the on with really blue sky, i think this would be a nice idea since i have titled the fashion shoot ‘feather light’ and i wanted it to be a shoot looking a fashion going into summer so to have a shoot that slowly gets closer and closer looking to summer weather would be nice.There was also a comment made by one of my peers that the images made her feel happy and enjoyed looking at the images and this is want i would want to communicate across when doing a spring summer shoot, it was nice that my images was associated with the same feeling of summer weather and the feeling of happiness. I really like this idea of documenting the sky getting sunnier thought out the shoot and so this is how the pages will go as following;

I will also be posting all of my final images onto Flickr as a online gallery the link below will take you there;

Picturing the body flickr gallery

Thinking about the end result

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unfortunately there just hasn’t been enough time to get my other shoot i had planned done in time for the hand date but i still will be going ahead with the shoot after the project is handed in because i have been thinking about this shoot for weekend now, but i think the reason that i haven’t got it done is because i still feel like i need to do some more work leading up to this idea for the results to be what i imaged. However i am happy with my shoot 1 for the final images, im really happy with the way that they came out and are what i expected and more. Now the hand in date is getting close i am sending off the images to be printed, some of my final images i have cut out of the final because they are a set and when viewed together i want them too all work well and flow one to the next. I have ordered the prints to be A3 as i don’t think is necessary to go any bigger with the images, they clear and simple, i think they would work well bigger but for their purpose i think A3 is big enough.

I am still to think about the order in which they will be viewed and in the context that is the physical and virtual environments of my images. All along when planning and organising and visualizing this shoot i have been imagining them viewed as a spread in a fashion magazine and so i am going to cheaply print them all off onto A4 and arrange them as i would want them viewed in a magazine, as well as thinking of a title to go with the first image in the series. For my virtual environment for the images i have just recently opened a Flickr account and have started uploading my best work onto Flickr so i will be uploading them onto there, so that people can view the images online and comment and discuss them.


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