juergen teller

March 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

juergen teller is a german fashion photographer thats works closely with Kate moss,Vivienne Westwood and vogue, his work is usually experimental and nude alongside fashion. One shoot in particular that i like is the shoot he did for Dazed and Confused magazine with Kate moss 1997, i really like the way he’s stood over her to photograph her and in nearly all the shot it features his shoes or hands.

This has opened my eyes to different ways i can photograph the body, his works also consists of shoot where he cuts parts of the body out of the shot and positions the model in a way with looks unusual, similar to Bill Durgins work called portraits and incidentals here are a few of Bill Durgins works;

They both use a interesting way to photograph the body and like i experimented with the clothed body there are a number of ways in which you can photograph the subject and that works well within fashion photography, just to show the similar style of cropping half the subject out of frame ect here are some more images of Juergen tellers works;













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