Love, Virtually.

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

After browsing around the internet and looking in to virtual reality i came across a short documentary called ‘love, virtually.’ It’s a channel 4 documentary about how dating and finding love, partners and friends has now turned to the internet, hundreds of men and women now look to the digital uses to find dates, and has now become fully normal to find dates and go on hundreds with people who have met online, when just a few years ago is was considered crazy to meet someone online for a date. The ever growing technology and methods have made is safer and more popular than ever especially amongst women to look for dates online.

Theirs now hundreds of way in which people can meet online with all the social networks like facebook, twitter, myspace, dating sights, msn and other social networks, in the documentary it also takes about how we know base our relationships on what goes on online, for example if you statue doesn’t say in a relationship even if you are, this usually mean that your not to be trusted and so the internet stalking starts that is also hugely shocking what lengths people go to and information you can find out about people you meet online .

vvvvvclick on picture below to watch the documentary vvvv


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