Picturing the body shoot 1- inspiration and planning.

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m now starting to look at everything i have learnt over the last few weeks to do with the tasks and looking forward in how i can now put all the takes together to produce a finished piece for picturing the body, i have a few different shoots in working progress at the moment, for my first shoot I’m shooting on location outdoors this shoot has been inspired by Ryan McGinley’s work called ‘feeling falling’ in were he got a model to jump from fire escapes on buildings naked and clothes capturing her body either in mid jump or free falling.These photos were used in POP magazine,  fall 2008.

i love the way the body is suspended in the air,the way the body reacts to falling and the clothing around the body, i think this would make for some really interesting shots, last time i tried a fashion styled shoot i enjoyed it so with this shoot I’d like to play with fashion again and see how it goes.

so to get the similar style concept i have arrange to do a photo shoot using a  large trampoline outside that has a backdrop of trees or just sky which i think could work nicely with the body in mid air, also with a trampoline i hope to almost get the opposite resaults from Ryan McGinley’s work since the model will be jumping upwards rather than downwards.

I’ve also managed to get a model for the shoot that have some experience in trampling so she won’t have a problem with posing and doing different potions for me and knowing what will work well with different clothes so that will help out a lot. I have the shoot planned for this weekend so I’m hoping for some good weather so that it’s not freezing or wet, or else the shoot will have to be put on hold.

As for the theme of clothing i have chosen to use sheer clothing so that it’s floating in my images and also so that you can slightly see thought the clothing and see the models body and the shapes. for the shoot I’ll be using a portable studio lighting so that i can slightly give the impression of artificial lighting on the model while the background is just natural light, I’m also going to be using step ladders so i can photograph from the same high that the model will jump to so i can get some straight on shots, I’m still to decide if I’m going to use a really quick shutter speed so that i get everything really sharp for allow the images to slightly blur, i think I’ll do some experimenting on the day.

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