Picturing the body shoot 2- ideas and inspiration

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

for one of my picturing the body shoots i have decided to revisit studio work and would like to follow on with nude vs naked the way in which you photograph the nude form but with context, emotion and a layer of openness thought the gaze, i want this shoot to be quite fun and experimental, I’ve never really shot nude photography before but father that if just being the body I’d like to combine different elements to contrast and compliment the body and see work works well. One photographer that has inspired me to look at what i can do with the body when using props and positioning the body is Bill Burgin that i briefly looked at when looking into the Renaissance art movement, i think the way in which is contrasts the body with foods, plants and other natural object to mimic the shape and textures  really compliments the nude body creating such simply images that you can look at for ages, and again his has moved this same technique into fashion and pairing long skirts and dressed with objects from nature that work perfectly and seamlessly with the clothing almost as thought it is part of the garment .

i would like to keep my nude shoot quiet neutral really playing with the skins tones, keeping the models hair and makeup to a minimum, i want to keep shadows to a minimum too so they really are pure and clean looking and then i can play around more with the contrasts and props on the body, i’d like to try using a range of things from flowers and organic items to striking fashion pieces, i have started looking around for nude models already as i do want to find models that have quiet a structured body build so i can really play around with how i place and use the props as well as wanting my models to be very pale, one model that I’m currently using for my other shoot I’m trying to get to do this shoot too as she has i interesting scar across her stomach from an operation and i thing this would work really beautifully when complimented with something organic, the model has said her self she really likes the scar and thinks it’s adds to her body so i would really like to try and emphasize it’s beauty.

One other model that I’m interested in, and that I’m currently trying to contact has body modifications too, from hip piercings  and nipple piercings, and usually lots of metal in the body is seen has harsh and a contact already but I’d like to see if i could work with her and soften the appearance of the metal and have it portrayed more of a delicate and beautiful add on to the body.i also am currently looking for a male model to because i think this would finish this shoot off having a mix of female and male.

As i am planning to have my images quiet neutral, I’ve been thinking of also introducing a bright colour to make the images pop, I’m going to look into a few ways i could use makeup styles and materials to create this.


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