task 3-nude and naked

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

for task 3 we were asked to consider how we would photograph nude subjects, so also reflecting on task 1 intimate vs private, how a photo that is just nude photo and then become something more the depth and emotion show in the images, making them suggestive or slightly hidden. we were asked to take two sets of photos, one set of our self nude and also someone close to us. when thinking about what i was going to  do for this task i reflected on the Paul Wright trip to his studio and how were asked to draw the naked body, how the images we draw to don’t always reflect the body and show an exact copy of what we are seeing but rather small glimpse of the body, the movements and so i started considering how i would go about taking these images.I thought about using a slow exposure to just capture the movement of the body, but i didn’t think they would show i had thought about the lighting and also showing the intimate vs private aspect of the images too. so i decided to experiment with some different way of photographing the nude body. These are the outcomes of my photos;













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