The Renaissance ideal of the body

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The renaissance was a revival of the cultural ideas of Greece and Rome during the 15th and the 16th centuries.based on the new scientific spirit of observations at the time painting and sculptures became more natural and the artists would portray a more three dimensional world, rather than a spiritual place which had been part of the human portrait for so long.

Christianity was growing strong at the same time as renaissance art movement, and this style of art became more and more popular especially used in religious context, portraits reflected the new sense of self worth and started replacing the old medieval images of religious images.

The figures in the paintings became more realistic and sculptures of nudes were based of anatomical studies at the time. This caused the paintings of nudes to being ever more increasingly popular in paintings.Michelangelo and artist and sculptural at the time was highly devoted to religion and based his works on figures from the bible, believed that a block of marble already held the art form and beauty but that it was the artist that had to uncover it and reveal what the marble had to hold. Michelangelo dissected corpses to help him understand how the muscular system worked in order for his sculptures to possess true realistically .

The nude body became i huge feature i most renaissance paintings, how ever the idea body was not the same as what it could be considered today, large curvy women where always painted as this showed wealth and health at a time when there was a huge divide between the rich and poor, the fatter the women the more well off they were considered and in painting would also seem like they were child baring too and in many renaissance paintings the women would be painted with child nude, possibility showing health since the death rate at this time for child birth was high for both mother and baby.

Michelangelo’s work reminds me of sculptures i’ve seen of just the torso with no heads, but they always have such detail the time as his works with the muscle and how the body works, except i think but focusing on small parts of the body you can truly see beauty in smaller parts of the body rather than a whole.








this them reminds me of a current photographer called Bill Durgin that photographs the body but only shows small portions of it at any one time and then uses images of flowers or food to compliment the body but he all photographs the body in plain simple areas so that the true beauty of that part of the body can be see.The is how he describes his work in relation to the body “For the Nudes images I work with dancers, models, and my own body to choreograph shapes through contortion and perspective. Resisting traditional views of figuration, I reduce the figure into an abstracted form of muscle, fat, and bone. I then compose a Still Life and connect the images through composition and location. I arrange flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, delicately intertwined with wig hair traces from the figure to sculpt a Still Life that is both subtly grotesque and elegant.”


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