Picturing the body shoot 1

March 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last time i talking about  this shoot and the set up, i had planned to do it over the weekend but because of it being weather dependent i had to postpone it, likely a good day did arrive and i was able to be the shoot, lighting wasn’t brilliant but there were sunny spells so for each image the lighting is slightly different and the back drop for each image is either a really mean looking dark cloudy sky or love blue sunny sky and i think this gives this shoot a variety of colours. before i go into how to shoot went and how i would like to present this body of work these are my final images;

i really like this shoot and i think it worked really well with the lighting, i do realise that some of the images are stronger than other but i do plan to cut the number of images down if i am to use this shoot and my final images, i am still to do my studio shoot, but i feel because of the lack of time available i may have to use these as my final images and post the other shoot and a blog. I do plan to get these printed quite large because i want them to make quite an impact and also to be able to see the models face and body clearly because i think that some of the pose are so strong and the way the different pieces of clothing wrap around her body and cling as she falls is beautiful and the small images don’t really do the images justice. Ideally i would like to get nearly all of these images printed because i tink the compliment each other so well.


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