Thinking about the end result

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

unfortunately there just hasn’t been enough time to get my other shoot i had planned done in time for the hand date but i still will be going ahead with the shoot after the project is handed in because i have been thinking about this shoot for weekend now, but i think the reason that i haven’t got it done is because i still feel like i need to do some more work leading up to this idea for the results to be what i imaged. However i am happy with my shoot 1 for the final images, im really happy with the way that they came out and are what i expected and more. Now the hand in date is getting close i am sending off the images to be printed, some of my final images i have cut out of the final because they are a set and when viewed together i want them too all work well and flow one to the next. I have ordered the prints to be A3 as i don’t think is necessary to go any bigger with the images, they clear and simple, i think they would work well bigger but for their purpose i think A3 is big enough.

I am still to think about the order in which they will be viewed and in the context that is the physical and virtual environments of my images. All along when planning and organising and visualizing this shoot i have been imagining them viewed as a spread in a fashion magazine and so i am going to cheaply print them all off onto A4 and arrange them as i would want them viewed in a magazine, as well as thinking of a title to go with the first image in the series. For my virtual environment for the images i have just recently opened a Flickr account and have started uploading my best work onto Flickr so i will be uploading them onto there, so that people can view the images online and comment and discuss them.



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