magzine layout of shoot

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

in my last post i was talking about how i had imaged my images to be a shoot used for a fashion magazine and so i decided to experiment with this idea on how the would look as pages in a magazine, and today discussed with peers at how i could go about pairing them up. There was the idea of using the sky as a way to document the images as you turn the pages the sky starts to lighten up and the finishing image being the on with really blue sky, i think this would be a nice idea since i have titled the fashion shoot ‘feather light’ and i wanted it to be a shoot looking a fashion going into summer so to have a shoot that slowly gets closer and closer looking to summer weather would be nice.There was also a comment made by one of my peers that the images made her feel happy and enjoyed looking at the images and this is want i would want to communicate across when doing a spring summer shoot, it was nice that my images was associated with the same feeling of summer weather and the feeling of happiness. I really like this idea of documenting the sky getting sunnier thought out the shoot and so this is how the pages will go as following;

I will also be posting all of my final images onto Flickr as a online gallery the link below will take you there;

Picturing the body flickr gallery


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