March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I wanted to create a static page for my website, that would be like a front page that would link off to my blog, flickr account and showcase a full gallery of my work, i was able to design my static page on photoshop as to what i would want it to look like and how it would work. unfortuanlly i wasn’t able to put my static page into action because i was having some issues with my webhosting space and dreamweaver being able to communicate but i will carry on working on this so that i can get my site up and running and can use it for my course and also afterwards. ^^^^ this is what my front static page will look like on the front page i have decided to feature fashion photography but when i come t making this my static page i could choose any of my photograph works to be displayed on the front, the static page would be able to be scrolled to the right so that you can view all my image and i would be able to update them with the mst recent ne s i can always renew the look of the front page.

^^^^ this is what it would look like when i clicked on one f the links of the static page, so the side page, the title you clicked on would turn pale grey and then a different series of images would appear on the right and s yu would be able to scroll across.

^^^^ the same with this page for my fine art photgraphy the title would highlight in light grey and again the images would change this would be the same for all the pages.


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