The camera never lies?

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Camera Never Lies?
An Art Monthly panel discussion with Craig Burnett, Alison Green, Axel Lapp and Julian Stallabrass, Camden Arts Centre, London, 30 November 2005

Taking a photograph is the nearest way we have of accurately capturing an image which replicates one that we saw with our own eyes, and retained in our memory. It is in reality more accurate that the memory as it is not subject to changing with time as can, and often does happen with a memory.  . So when we view a photo we instinctively believe what we are seeing before us. Can we really trust what we see in photos any more? Is technology hindering this or have we never been able to fully trust the image and rely on it to tell the truth?  This leads onto manipulating of photos, are they playing on our habit of trusting the photographic image or are they just doing what has been done to photos since they were first produced? Photographers manipulate their pictures in various ways, from choosing what to Shoot, arranging the shot to altering the resulting image using Photoshop and other software. The manipulation of photography brings to light questions about photography and the truth. A lot of photography today is mainly seen as a postmodern art photography, and postmodernism’s rule is truths do not necessarily last, but can alter and shift with changes in culture and beliefs. Modernism however says that some truths do last; such truths reflect basic, universal conditions of humanity. I will also be reflecting largely on the heated debate of fashion photography altering the sizes of models and the airbrushing, and the uses of photography as propaganda simply by alerting a photo to share a message.

Most photos today are shared by the world online, and so millions of people can be viewing a photo that really has very little truth in it. I always find when searching for an image online either in google images or anywhere else yu can never be sure if it is the real deal because it is so easy for anyone that’s good at photoshop to take make adjustments to and then publish it back n google images for people to see, there is no way other than people opinions whether something has been change and is fake or not.


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