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March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

when starting to build my blog space, i started t used various out which are a bit like mash ups, they are small programs that are made to tie different websites and accounts together, from galleries to even silly pointless apps that pop up with a quote every time you log on.They can affect the way your blog space looks or the way you use it. When talking about apps most people will relate this to smart phone apps, which is the same thing, except when using it on my blog space it merges in with the way my site works.

For my blog i downloaded a number of apps and played around to see how they worked, first i set out looking for a gallery app that would show my photographs on and i could arrange sets of gallery and have pop up that shows my work in a slide show, n word press there is a huge amount of gallery apps to choose from, it comes in useful when you want a selection of images directly on your wordpress site.

I also added an app for flickr, flickr is a hosting space for millions of people to create accounts and upload their photos, whether there professional photos or just photos taken for fun, the site is created to share and sell photos too. I decided on my blog space that i would like people to be able to view my most recently uploaded photo to flick so by downloading the app it lets everyone view my images and link to my full flickr gallery.





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