Day 8

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Today there was a parent open day and so most of the day I went round asking publics to choose one or two pieces of work that they felt proud of and wanted to go up on the walls about the school and in the main hall for the talks, after collecting the pieces of work I then mounted the work up so all the piece looked professional and also framed a few pieces too and then went around the school hanging all the pieces of art and arranging a small gallery in the hall that the parents could walk around a view lots of different examples of what the art and photography department offers.

After that I was then given a tutorial on how to pack and fire up the kilns, the art department in the school specialises in clay and sculptures so it’s important that I learn how to fire all the different types of clay and how to safely pack them into the kiln because if anything was to be broken or damaged in the process that would be a whole students work and time wasted so it’s very important to know what your doing. When I first started this work experience I was expecting to gain lots of experience doing the job but since being here I’ve learnt a lot of different skills to do with art and being able to teach the students how to use photo shop means that I work with it every day and go over the basics and I feel the more I play around with it the more confident and experienced I feel with the programme that will benefit me in my own work.

For the rest of the day I cleaned out the kiln room sorting out all the different work and loading and unloading the kiln, and even though it is a lengthy process firing all the clay then glazing it and refiring it, I’ve really enjoyed doing what I’ve learn today.


Day 7

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Today I was approached and asked if I would also mind doing a after school class with 3 students 2 as work experience and one of the 6th forms to strengthen their photography skills, I was asked to set up lesson plans and a plan how each lesson would feed onto the next and also have an outcome where each student can learn but also produce something each lesson, so I was set the next two week to put together a shot lesson plan until the summer holidays. This will be very valuable when applying for the teaching course because it will show evidence of lesson planning and taking lessons

For today I worked in the graphic design department working as a teaching assistant, the students were all working on logo designs for their own product and were using a logo designing software on the pc’s and then transferring them into Photoshop to render them. This was a very busy lesson because I have experience using photo shop and the students in the class had never used it before and the teacher only had basic Photoshop skills so I was able to help a lot and the teacher even said it was very useful having me in the lesson.

Later in the afternoon there was a cover lesson and the teacher covering wasn’t left a lesson plan but I was able to fill him in on what the students had been doing and I then assisted the lesson going about and checking up on the year 11’s work and checking their target sheets that I had made for them all and keeping them all up dated and on task. I think the target sheets are really working and the students keep referring back to them while they work to see that they have to do next.

Day 6

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After interviewing for the technicians job position I was notified that I had got the job and am now working 3 days a week at the school in the art and photography department. This will be hugely beneficial towards what I want to do in the future since I plan to train as a teacher after my degree course. Today I started the job and I started working on preparing anything for lessons equipment and sheets and papers work etc.

I also took a small group and showed them how to produce a silk screen print, by demonstrating how the print works and showing them how to prepare a silk screen print to then doing the process, I got them to write down what I was doing step by step guide what I was doing so that after I had showed them the example they then going into pairs and worked together helping each other.

Later on in the day I then worked with the 6th form photography students and helped them use Photoshop and showed them lots of different things they could do with their photos and didn’t ways to use Photoshop and I assisted them for the rest of the day.

Day 5

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This week I came in and I was notified that the current art, photography and graphics technician had just resigned and the head of department was interested in if I was interested in applying for the job, I explained that it would be an ideal opportunity for me because of what I intend to do after my degree course, and so I was given an application form to apply with.

For the rest of the day I was asked to work in resources because a lot of the students had work to be printed or needed certain thinks doing on Photoshop, so I learn how to use all the different printers and scanners in the resources department, and because none of the staff or resources department had had any training in Photoshop I able to show the students and staff how to do different things and give them quick tutorials on the basics in photoshop.

I was introduced to one of the 6 form students that had recently started taking their photography A level and was struggling with getting all the work done because they had started the course late, and I was asked if I could spend a morning a week working with her and showing her the way around photoshop and how to use cameras to get different effects and get what she wanted from them. I helped her set out different projects she could work around and looked thought some of the photos she had recently taken and see if we could put a project together using them.

Later in the afternoon I took her out around the school grounds to show her how to take photos and use a camera and build up a stock of photos that she could use in the future. Being photography students myself this really helped me when trying to give her advice and find different projects she could do quickly and enjoy so that should could catch up with the rest of the photography A level class. I was also asked by the teacher that next week I would bring in some of my A level and degree sketch books in for her too look at so that she can see what sort of thing is expected to produce.

Day 4

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This week the year 11’s were moving from the sketch book work to practical work , so I was going around the classroom helping the students to decide what medium they wanted to work in. I went thought their sketch books and gave them advice about what I thought their strong points were in their work and how they could expand on this, I found the my past experience in doing my art and photography A level and btec meant I have a large range of skill and could offer the student a range of different ideas when working with different mediums for example painting and silk screens.

There were a couple of groups in the class that were doing final pieces in the same medium like screen printing and lino printing and I was able to give them group demos on how to get the best outcome from the prints, some had never done lino printing and when shown a demo became really interesting in working in that medium.

Some of the students where sat doing nothing and so I tried to get them thinking about their final pieces by experimenting with different mediums on a small scale so that they can see what works best and I suggested things that they might of not heard or seen before. This really helped them to find ways of working that they enjoyed and they themselves started coming up with lots of other ideas.

One students was getting started on a clay sculpture, and was unsure on how to started and was start starting at a lump of clay so I told him to just play with the clay for a bit get used to the limits and things the medium can do and start to model the clay, I showed him that it’s really important to look at your references and keep looking at them while working, for the rest of the lesson I start and helped his really get started and stuck in on the clay sculpture.

Day 3

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This week the students were asked to all get on with their work and finish off any older projects so that they can be put aside before they get their exam prep sheets, I went around all of them one to one and had a look at what they had to do and got them to write a list of things to do, so they can keep to task and not waste the lesson sitting there. This week I came in with my target sheets that I had drawn up and started to introduce them to the students with the teacher’s approval. When writing the lists of things each student had to do I made sure that next to the targets gave them time targets to get each thing done by. The year 11’s have a full timetabled 6 lessons on the day I work with them and because they don’t move around from lesson to lesson they do have a habit of getting bored half way through the day and drifting of focus on the task ahead. So keeping them on task can be half the battle.

This week two of the teachers are off sick and so the art department was understaffed and I was asked to get one lesson started and make sure that the students came in and start down and I outlined what they had to do for that lessons. At first I was a bit unsure because I was being thrown into the deep end and being asked to run my first lesson which I have never done before, being as soon as the year 11’s came in they knew what was required of them and I told them to get there work out and carry on with what they had being doing before, I had no problems which the students and they all got there work out and as I went around making sure they were getting on with their work I took a quick register. The only problem I had was I few of the students were playing on pc games online while doing research but as soon as I prompted them that I would be feeding back to the head of department about the lesson they carried on with research.

A few students were still stuck on their research work and were unsure how to produce their own work in the style of other artists, and so I gave them a few suggestions on how they can take what they have learnt from the research and apply it to something they would want to do, most of them were very interested in reflecting on their taste in music and fashion, and so I showed them how they could combine the two to produce their own work.

day 2

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This week I was given all the brief sheets and marking criteria that the students had received, to start the lesson off the teacher had asked them to get into pairs and crit each other’s work and write two things they had done well and two things that that could do to improve their work. I think the way the teacher starts each lesson with a sharing activity really helps to students to talk and show each other’s work and also learn to express their opinions and view on each other’s work, I went around the classroom and encouraged the students to look at the mark scheme when criting the work. While they were criting each other I would come around to each pair and make suggestions to what they could do to improve their work.

I could tell that some of the students were new to marking and looking at each other’s works, some were paired in friendship group and were giving each other very high grades and when I asked how they could improve their work they replied nothing, and so I explained how marking each other’s work honestly is more effective than just handing out good grades, and so I helped them think of things they could do to improve their work. I asked the groups different open questions and so they could all join in and start a discussion and really enjoy talking about their work. Some students were marking each other without even opening their sketch books and when I approached them and asked to look it was apparent that they hadn’t done much work and were behind, but once I started asking them what their plans were for the project and getting some ideas down on paper they became quite motivated and i found that they were not behind because of laziness but more because they had become stuck with their ideas and how to move the project forward and were too afraid to tell the teacher. So I had the discussion later with the teacher and suggested I draw up a sheet that I can set targets for each student individually and week by week follow up where they have got to, and they can fill the sheet in with questions and ideas during the week, so when both me and the students look at their work again we can quickly review the last review sheet to help keep them on target.

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