Day 1

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first day of my professional experience I was able to meet the year 11 students that I would be mentoring and working alongside with for the next few weeks, I was able to sit down with them during their first art lesson in the morning and get to know names and ask them to explain each of their projects they were working on, I had a chance to briefly flick thought there sketch books and it was nice to engage in a discussion about their work. I found that being an outsider talking to the students that they were either willing to talk about their work and show me lots of different things that they were proud of, or there would be certain students that were not so willing to show me their work, and when I pushed them to let me see their sketch books they had lots of work, but lacked the confidence to talk and show the work.

For the next part of the day the year 11 were given a task using a mark scheme and asked to get into pairs and look at each other’s works and give them marks and help grade each other. First there were some misunderstandings of how the grade scheme worked and I was able to help a few students by taking small groups at a time and showing them quickly how they are able to mark each other, and then marked one of the student’s works as an example. I felt like a few of the students felt more able to communicate to me than the teacher in the room as they felt less under presser and not as afraid to say something wrong or make their ideas and views clear.

For the rest of the day I sat in on the lessons in the art and photography department helping the students with their work and suggesting ideas and ways they could progress with their projects and ideas. Next week i will be going thought the sketch books of each student one to one and looking at the marking they did this week and seeing either were they are going wrong or what they can do to boost up their grade to hit the next level.


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