day 2

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week I was given all the brief sheets and marking criteria that the students had received, to start the lesson off the teacher had asked them to get into pairs and crit each other’s work and write two things they had done well and two things that that could do to improve their work. I think the way the teacher starts each lesson with a sharing activity really helps to students to talk and show each other’s work and also learn to express their opinions and view on each other’s work, I went around the classroom and encouraged the students to look at the mark scheme when criting the work. While they were criting each other I would come around to each pair and make suggestions to what they could do to improve their work.

I could tell that some of the students were new to marking and looking at each other’s works, some were paired in friendship group and were giving each other very high grades and when I asked how they could improve their work they replied nothing, and so I explained how marking each other’s work honestly is more effective than just handing out good grades, and so I helped them think of things they could do to improve their work. I asked the groups different open questions and so they could all join in and start a discussion and really enjoy talking about their work. Some students were marking each other without even opening their sketch books and when I approached them and asked to look it was apparent that they hadn’t done much work and were behind, but once I started asking them what their plans were for the project and getting some ideas down on paper they became quite motivated and i found that they were not behind because of laziness but more because they had become stuck with their ideas and how to move the project forward and were too afraid to tell the teacher. So I had the discussion later with the teacher and suggested I draw up a sheet that I can set targets for each student individually and week by week follow up where they have got to, and they can fill the sheet in with questions and ideas during the week, so when both me and the students look at their work again we can quickly review the last review sheet to help keep them on target.

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