Day 3

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week the students were asked to all get on with their work and finish off any older projects so that they can be put aside before they get their exam prep sheets, I went around all of them one to one and had a look at what they had to do and got them to write a list of things to do, so they can keep to task and not waste the lesson sitting there. This week I came in with my target sheets that I had drawn up and started to introduce them to the students with the teacher’s approval. When writing the lists of things each student had to do I made sure that next to the targets gave them time targets to get each thing done by. The year 11’s have a full timetabled 6 lessons on the day I work with them and because they don’t move around from lesson to lesson they do have a habit of getting bored half way through the day and drifting of focus on the task ahead. So keeping them on task can be half the battle.

This week two of the teachers are off sick and so the art department was understaffed and I was asked to get one lesson started and make sure that the students came in and start down and I outlined what they had to do for that lessons. At first I was a bit unsure because I was being thrown into the deep end and being asked to run my first lesson which I have never done before, being as soon as the year 11’s came in they knew what was required of them and I told them to get there work out and carry on with what they had being doing before, I had no problems which the students and they all got there work out and as I went around making sure they were getting on with their work I took a quick register. The only problem I had was I few of the students were playing on pc games online while doing research but as soon as I prompted them that I would be feeding back to the head of department about the lesson they carried on with research.

A few students were still stuck on their research work and were unsure how to produce their own work in the style of other artists, and so I gave them a few suggestions on how they can take what they have learnt from the research and apply it to something they would want to do, most of them were very interested in reflecting on their taste in music and fashion, and so I showed them how they could combine the two to produce their own work.


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