Day 4

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week the year 11’s were moving from the sketch book work to practical work , so I was going around the classroom helping the students to decide what medium they wanted to work in. I went thought their sketch books and gave them advice about what I thought their strong points were in their work and how they could expand on this, I found the my past experience in doing my art and photography A level and btec meant I have a large range of skill and could offer the student a range of different ideas when working with different mediums for example painting and silk screens.

There were a couple of groups in the class that were doing final pieces in the same medium like screen printing and lino printing and I was able to give them group demos on how to get the best outcome from the prints, some had never done lino printing and when shown a demo became really interesting in working in that medium.

Some of the students where sat doing nothing and so I tried to get them thinking about their final pieces by experimenting with different mediums on a small scale so that they can see what works best and I suggested things that they might of not heard or seen before. This really helped them to find ways of working that they enjoyed and they themselves started coming up with lots of other ideas.

One students was getting started on a clay sculpture, and was unsure on how to started and was start starting at a lump of clay so I told him to just play with the clay for a bit get used to the limits and things the medium can do and start to model the clay, I showed him that it’s really important to look at your references and keep looking at them while working, for the rest of the lesson I start and helped his really get started and stuck in on the clay sculpture.


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