Day 5

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week I came in and I was notified that the current art, photography and graphics technician had just resigned and the head of department was interested in if I was interested in applying for the job, I explained that it would be an ideal opportunity for me because of what I intend to do after my degree course, and so I was given an application form to apply with.

For the rest of the day I was asked to work in resources because a lot of the students had work to be printed or needed certain thinks doing on Photoshop, so I learn how to use all the different printers and scanners in the resources department, and because none of the staff or resources department had had any training in Photoshop I able to show the students and staff how to do different things and give them quick tutorials on the basics in photoshop.

I was introduced to one of the 6 form students that had recently started taking their photography A level and was struggling with getting all the work done because they had started the course late, and I was asked if I could spend a morning a week working with her and showing her the way around photoshop and how to use cameras to get different effects and get what she wanted from them. I helped her set out different projects she could work around and looked thought some of the photos she had recently taken and see if we could put a project together using them.

Later in the afternoon I took her out around the school grounds to show her how to take photos and use a camera and build up a stock of photos that she could use in the future. Being photography students myself this really helped me when trying to give her advice and find different projects she could do quickly and enjoy so that should could catch up with the rest of the photography A level class. I was also asked by the teacher that next week I would bring in some of my A level and degree sketch books in for her too look at so that she can see what sort of thing is expected to produce.


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