Day 7

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I was approached and asked if I would also mind doing a after school class with 3 students 2 as work experience and one of the 6th forms to strengthen their photography skills, I was asked to set up lesson plans and a plan how each lesson would feed onto the next and also have an outcome where each student can learn but also produce something each lesson, so I was set the next two week to put together a shot lesson plan until the summer holidays. This will be very valuable when applying for the teaching course because it will show evidence of lesson planning and taking lessons

For today I worked in the graphic design department working as a teaching assistant, the students were all working on logo designs for their own product and were using a logo designing software on the pc’s and then transferring them into Photoshop to render them. This was a very busy lesson because I have experience using photo shop and the students in the class had never used it before and the teacher only had basic Photoshop skills so I was able to help a lot and the teacher even said it was very useful having me in the lesson.

Later in the afternoon there was a cover lesson and the teacher covering wasn’t left a lesson plan but I was able to fill him in on what the students had been doing and I then assisted the lesson going about and checking up on the year 11’s work and checking their target sheets that I had made for them all and keeping them all up dated and on task. I think the target sheets are really working and the students keep referring back to them while they work to see that they have to do next.


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