Day 8

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today there was a parent open day and so most of the day I went round asking publics to choose one or two pieces of work that they felt proud of and wanted to go up on the walls about the school and in the main hall for the talks, after collecting the pieces of work I then mounted the work up so all the piece looked professional and also framed a few pieces too and then went around the school hanging all the pieces of art and arranging a small gallery in the hall that the parents could walk around a view lots of different examples of what the art and photography department offers.

After that I was then given a tutorial on how to pack and fire up the kilns, the art department in the school specialises in clay and sculptures so it’s important that I learn how to fire all the different types of clay and how to safely pack them into the kiln because if anything was to be broken or damaged in the process that would be a whole students work and time wasted so it’s very important to know what your doing. When I first started this work experience I was expecting to gain lots of experience doing the job but since being here I’ve learnt a lot of different skills to do with art and being able to teach the students how to use photo shop means that I work with it every day and go over the basics and I feel the more I play around with it the more confident and experienced I feel with the programme that will benefit me in my own work.

For the rest of the day I cleaned out the kiln room sorting out all the different work and loading and unloading the kiln, and even though it is a lengthy process firing all the clay then glazing it and refiring it, I’ve really enjoyed doing what I’ve learn today.


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