Is social media threatening photojournalism?

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

For my research project i have decided to look at the on going issues with photojournalism in a new age of social media, is it a positive thing to make the world even smaller and enable us to have quick news stories from around the world with live updates from public civilians or is having  so much information flooding our social networks a bad thing, while there are  hundreds of people updating us with whats going on in certain areas,  the problem can be which photos can be trusted and which ones reflect a truthful image and the right message.

Whenever something huge in the world happens, be it natural disasters or war, images come thought social media sites such as twitter, Flickr, Facebook and become available for the public to view, many of these photos taken from camera phones and ready available equipment that can be bought by anyone, so does that mean that anyone that has a camera phone to quick shot digital camera can be a photojournalist? and what does this mean for the photojournalists putting themselves in danger and in war zone to capture the perfect shot for a story, where does the new age of digital media leave them?

There also becomes the problem of copyright and manipulated images, social networking sites enable us to share information and pass links around but like any type of message they can become distorted or changed, the problem is knowing if you are looking at the original image, and finding  out who took that image, did the photographer intend for the photos to be seen by the world for free or was there a price? and how can we be really sure of the ownership of an image once it has entered the social network?


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